A counterpoint to the authentication debate

In the interest of fairness, I present to you a counterpoint to my previous opinions on the question of passwords and alternate authentication methods.

Perusing security news today, I happened across Scott Granneman's column on SecurityFocus and laughed out loud at the coincidence. In his well-written opinion, he makes some similar points but draws a very different conclusion: that Bill Gates is right, and passwords will eventually go the way of the dodo. While I respect Mr. Granneman's opinions and insight, and read his columns fairly regularly, I happen to disagree on this point. But to anyone who likes reading both sides of the story (which everyone should), I highly recommend this article.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, I appreciate your tone and your balance. It's good to present both sides, and you did so in a civil manner that advances the discussion productively. Thank you!

(And thanks for reading my columns!)

Scott Granneman