The changing face of the Industry

Recently, security giant Symantec bought Veritas, an enterprise backup software vendor. This is following the current trend of consolidation in the enterprise software market, but also marks another major progression I think we'll see more of: Security companies offering a range of software products, tied together at the enterprise level, that encompass the entire universe of information security. With this purchase, Symantec comes one step closer to being able to say that their products cover all your enterprise's needs in Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Confidentiality and Integrity are often seen as the cornerstones of information security, with "Availability" - backups, etc. - being treated as a totally different problem altogether. For a long time, this has made sense. Strategies involving confidentiality and integrity are very different than disaster recovery. However, in the current environment, being able to give executives immediate and, more importantly, meaningful statistics on an enterprise's complete security posture is a Good Thing (TM). It's only a matter of time before companies like Symantec are offering CIO's and CTO's an enterprise security dashboard on their desktops.


Kevin Blanchard said...

I am VERY excited about this move. As you said, it will bring together a lot of great features. I just hope that Symantec will keep the integrity when further developing Veritas' products or integrating them into newer products.

Michael Cloppert said...

I agree - IT companies have a poor track record of maintaining product quality as the organization grows, and corporate politic-ing becomes a bigger factor in purchases than software quality, hurting the end user. Thus far, Symantec has handled their acquisitions quite professionally (case in point: SecurityFocus), so hopefully we will see a continuation in this trend moving forward.