Vulnerability Assessment: A Component-Based Design using CORBA

First, I apologize for the sporadic outages over the past week. A vortex of hardware and ISP problems combined to give me a horrible connectivity problem. The ISP issues seem to have been resolved, and new hardware is on order.

Last night I finished a paper titled Vulnerability Assessment: A Component-Based Design using CORBA. This paper discusses a different approach to designing VA tools with the goal of improving reliability and efficiency. Current VA tools are configured and designed in a way that makes them rather inflexible, leading to efficiency and management problems. Designing the system using a component architecture - CORBA, in this case - the system can be more flexible and handle connectivity issues more gracefully. Also available online is a presentation of the paper's main topics that I gave a few weeks ago at GWU. The paper is not intended to be a complete solution to the problems mentionted, but rather an introduction to the problems and a framework for a solution. Comments are welcome.

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