DDoS: Everything you could possibly need to know

This is more of a reference than it is a blog. I recently found a link to the most comprehensive all-in-one resource for information relating to Distributed Denial of Service (or DDoS) attacks that I have ever seen. The page seems to be well maintained (as of the publishing of this blog) by its author, Dave Dittrich. Mr. Dittrich has been inovlved in a number of infosec research projects, including the Honeynet Project, teaches at the University of Washington, and has done extensive work with DDoS tools and in related research.

This DDoS resource goldmine is broken down into sections including:
- Related literature
- Analysis and talks on attack tools
- Defensive tools
- Advisories
- Mitigation information
- Legal implications
- Related research
- News articles
...just to name a few. If you've ever been interested in doing any work or research in this field, this page is a great starting point.

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