InfoSec Podcast

As of yesterday morning, I've become a huge fan and experienced consumer of Podcasts. Okay, so I've listened to about 10, but really, who's counting?

In any case, a co-worker recommended the CyberSpeak podcast, hosted by former federal agents Bret Padre and Ovie Carroll. Listening to the previous two installments, I have to say this is an enjoyable 'cast with two guys who obviously know their stuff. While I'd already read about most of the news discussed, it was great to hear it discussed in an informal setting by two professionals. The perspective offered by witnessing such a dialogue is very informative, and helped me digest the news in a different way than simply reading about the stories on my favorite InfoSec news sites. I highly recommend listening in, especially if you don't have the time at work to discuss these types of events with other "birds of a feather;" or, as may be the case for some, there are no BoF's where you work. The tidbits of peripheral information they offer are often insightful, and not the kinds of things you pick up from simply reading the news. Their personalities also translate what could be boring, inane material into something that's genuinely fun to listen to -- well, for people in the industry, anyway (I wouldn't recommend it to someone like my father, the accountant).

(Entry updated 12/30 with the preferred URL for the podcast; thanks, Bret & Ovie!)

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