Recommended tool: Bloglines

In the past, I had relied on my web browser to track RSS feeds for me. A few weeks ago, I began using Bloglines based on the recommendation of both my roommate and coworker. It has changed my blog-reading life. Some benefits:
  • Blackberry & mobile browser support
  • Optional content display (title only, summary, full) when viewing feeds
  • Folder-based categorization system showing number of unread entries for each feed and folder
  • Unseen entries for a feed displayed in a frame next to your feed listing (order adjustable)
  • Ability to flag entries as persistent (shown whenever a feed is viewed, even if no longer new)
I'm able to more efficiently keep tabs on all of my security related websites, and search what other people are reading - but be careful! If you don't want others to see blogs you're reading, be sure to mark them "Private" when subscribing to the feed.


Dean Jackson said...

Curious; any comparison to Google Reader?

Michael Cloppert said...

Dean - Thanks for the recommendation. I had not yet tried Google Reader, but a quick overview tells me it seems to have similar capabilities, with the great Google Web 2.0 look & feel. Not sure how it functions on my BB just yet, but if it goes just as smoothly, you may have changed my mind. This seems to be a great tool as well, and I especially like the trending function.