Would you like to play a game?

On a lighter note, I recently made available another paper on my website. Titled Scalable CLA Strategies in Snafu, it is a simple investigation of collective learning automata strategies in the old 8-bit game Snafu, realized in film as the Light Cycle scene in the movie Tron. Enjoy!


2008 DoD Cybercrime Convention

I will be lecturing again at the 2008 DoD Cybercrime Convention in St. Louis, MO. Last year, I spoke about advanced attacks from the front line. This year, I will be discussing tactical tool development supporting incident response from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Abstract, FTA:

Highly-motivated, advanced attackers have been successful in adapting their techniques to avoid traditional defensive and analytical tools. Anti-virus, firewalls, and IDS’s are no longer effective countermeasures to these adversaries, forcing analysts to quickly develop specific tools to combat certain aspects of an attacker's M.O. In this presentation, various new & emerging tools developed by analysts that have been successful in helping combat these threats are discussed.