Recommended Reading: IEEE Security & Privacy

A few months ago, I was first introduced to IEEE Computer Society's Security and Privacy bi-monthly periodical. Available in both print and web format, I've found most of the articles insightful, useful, or theoretically promising. So far. Hype has claimed many a fine resource in the field, but I'm optimistic IEEE will be able to insulate this one from that common fate. Yes, our industry is still quite nascent. I'm glad to see a reputable, mature organization like IEEE attempt to put some discipline around it. I'll be the first to admit it's not perfect, but it certainly shows promise. To see what I'm talking about, check out their latest highlights. Articles appear by both recognized industry professionals (Bruce Schneier for example, of whom I'm a particularly big fan, in the last issue), as well as researchers with something valuable and intelligent to say who may not be "household" names.

They have an RSS feed. I suggest subscribing on your favorite reader and checking out the summaries for a few issues, you may find this a worthwhile investment. Or, become an IEEE member and enjoy all the benefits of their world-class online library and access to the top professionals in many technical fields.

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