Philosophy of Blogging

In what's become a weekly ritual, I sit here on Sunday in my comfy athletic wear, putting off all things necessary to begin my day by reading my RSS feeds because I know what comes next is work - this week, six formal mathematical proofs for a cryptography class I'm fighting my way through. This week, as with many, I found yet another fantastic blog: Emergent Chaos. Brilliant in both concept and content, I highly recommend it to anyone whose interest draws them to my blog.

While thoroughly enjoying the recent posts, I came to a realization that should be self-evident to me a long time ago: the difference between blogs I find useful and useless, and the resultant impact to my own blogging. For me, a useful blog contributes something new - something I can't find anywhere else. A blog that simply reinforces a belief I already have by making the same argument I've heard over and over again, or one that simply rehashes analysis I'm already familiar with, does not expand or enlighten my mind. The more different, the better. And as I discover more and more fantastic blogs that expand my mind, I find it harder and harder to contribute my own content to the universe of knowledge on the web. How can I possibly contribute to such a vast body of information?

While this is the first explicit self-realization I've had of this nature, it helps me explain to both myself and the few who read this blog my history of unpredictable posting - sometimes frequent, sometimes rare; sometimes technical, sometimes philosophical. While I cannot be sure that everything I write will be unique, that is my goal, and hopefully it makes this blog predictably useful in the blogroll of the global internet.

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