They did it

The information security industry has once again topped itself with stupid names for overly-categorized attacks: we now have "whaling," described as "super-personalized attacks targeted at high-level corporate employees" by CSO Online. The only way I can explain the recurrence of a new, unnecessary, and increasingly silly term every 2-3 months is as a cheap crutch for vendors and media to keep the hype alive. That's not to say the threat landscape is highly fluid and evolving quickly, but come on, does every minor twist need a new buzzword? Maybe I'm behind the curve, but this is the first I've seen this term.

I can't help but to think that some level of attention to detail in the message being conveyed and a bit of effort in understanding the audience would go a lot further in educating the public on the seriousness of the threat than overclassification that, in the end, only serves to confuse.

That's it, I'm creating a few new tags to track this: "overclassification" and "publiceducation."

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