Shameless plug: SANS Forensics/IR Summit

I will be participating in a Defense Industrial Base / Law Enforcement / Dept of Defense panel at the SANS WhatWorks Summit in Forensics and Incident Response. The topic, broadly, will be "How are government agencies and contractors responding to large scale intrusions successfully?" Even if you don't do work with or for the government, I would encourage you to attend if you happen to be at the summit. The DoD, and by extension their contractors, see the bleeding edge of new offensive techniques, often years before other commercial sectors. Law enforcement organizations, naturally, become involved and bear witness to the same. If you're interested in how large organizations defend themselves against and respond to attacks that you will likely be seeing in the future, this will hopefully be a good session to attend.

The panel spots will be filled by decision-makers and technical staff alike, from large DIB contractors to DC3 to the FBI.

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