The best foreword I've (yet) read

Being of a scientific and engineering mind, I love me some empirical data. This is why it's a crying shame that I've taken so long to get around to Andrew Jaquith's Security Metrics [Addison-Wesley, 2007]. I have owned the book for a year, and have only now completed the foreword by Daniel E. Geer, Jr. Sc.D.

This is the best foreword I've read to date. It alone has changed how I think about metrics that measure security. If you never own this book or read it to completion, read the foreword. At only 4 pages, it is a concise and fundamental articulation of how to think about quantitatively measuring security. If you haven't read it, stop by a bookstore and check it out when you can spare 5 minutes. You'll be happy you did.

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