Administrivia Jul 2009

After a few months off, I'm resurrecting this blog. I've been busy with a variety of personal issues, like relaxing, over the past few months, as well as focusing what little time I have available on the SANS Forensics & IR blog. I'd considered abandoning this blog altogether in lieu of my contributions there, but have realized that I need an outlet for more spontaneous and opinionated entries that I feel do not belong there. Also, my criteria for contributing here is lower - I do not feel the need to positively contribute something new and meaningful with each entry, as I feel is appropriate for SANS.

In any case, a quick update. After many months of consideration, I decided it was in my best professional and personal interest to join Facebook and Twitter. If I don't understand these communication and interaction technologies as I understand others, I will inevitably find myself falling behind and unable to exist at the forefront of security (whether I will ever get there is debatable as well, heh). I likely won't be very active with these accounts, but will likely tweet at BlackHat this year in an effort to keep in touch with all the folks I'll know there. It'll be my first BlackHat, and I'm looking forward to it!

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