Fighting the cyberwar hyperbole

Is it possible that a mainstream media outlet is finally starting to interview people that have a clue when talking about "cyber warfare?"

The concerns are real, but the concept of a digital Hurricane Katrina and similar doomsday theories might be embellished, said Jim Lewis, director and senior fellow at the Technology and Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It’s really hard to derail a large country that has a lot of infrastructure,” he said. “People tend to exaggerate. I love the Bruce Willis movies, but that’s just not the truth.”

Lewis said less dramatic but equally dangerous espionage and crime represent the true perils.

“How would you feel about China getting our designs for the F-35" stealth fighter jet? he asked. “What about those who rob U.S. banks over the Internet from Russia, with no chance of prosecution? [Hackers] that are breaking into our systems to steal military secrets or prepare for potential sabotage…these are the real threats.”

Well said, sir.

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